Libra, not a cryptocurrency

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Libra, a complete socio-technical system for finance

The Libra Blockchain

  • Modules are pieces of code to be executed by the Libra Blockchain
  • Resources are assets of the database that can not be copied, only transferred between users.

The Libra Association

Libra Core


Libra Capabilities

Few thoughts on Libra

What likely happened

  1. Leverage their 2 billion users to increase and diversify their revenues
  2. Not being overexposed to public opinion and regulators, especially regarding privacy and governments sovereignty


  • Governments, if you want to kill it, do it now. Otherwise think of how you could get in.
  • Developers, consider learning the Move programming language as soon as it’s released, in the meantime learn Rust.
  • Banks, exchanges, regulators, insurance firms, setup a technical team to work on it right now, and ask yourself how Libra is going to change your business. This is a wake up call.
  • Last but not least, the one doing efficient lobbying on the Libra Association will have a significant power on the new financial paradigm.




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Jean-Baptiste Prunel

Jean-Baptiste Prunel

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